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Should You Keep Your Bingo Open on a Holiday?

As I sit here at work, the holiday season is once again approaching quickly. More frequently, I see Christmas signs everywhere and we’ve just finished adding this season’s collection of holiday bingo daubers to our website. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas certainly seem just around the corner.

In the bingo industry, many bingo’s differ on whether or not to stay open on a major holiday. While it can be debated whether or not it’s worth it from a personal standpoint, I thought I’d discuss whether it’s worth it from a bingo’s financial standpoint. In other words, can a bingo make enough money to make it worth it to stay open on a holiday? I think that depends on a few things.

On holidays, it’s a given that your overall bingo attendance for your region will be down. If every bingo remained open, you can be sure that every bingo would have less bingo players than normal and every bingo’s profits would suffer. However, on these holidays, many competing bingos will close, so this can be an opportunity for some.

If you’re thinking about keeping your bingo open on a holiday, I’d look around at the other bingos in your area first. Will a number of these bingos (your competitors) be open? Do other area bingos have a history of successful holiday bingos that you would be up against? If either of these answers is no, then I think your bingo could benefit from staying open for business. Often, there’s enough serious bingo players out there to generate a crowd in an uncompetitive field.

However, if there are already many bingos remaining open, then your holiday bingo will be in trouble. Even if one bingo stays open, you may be facing an uphill battle if that bingo has an established history of holiday success. If either of these is true, I’d strongly recommend you take it easy, stay home, and enjoy the holiday. After all, other than having to deal with the annoying relatives, is it so bad to stay home for the holidays?

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